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Forward-thinking leaders are seizing new opportunities to raise productivity, increase profits and gain market share in today's unsettled business climate.  If you want your organization to join those who are reaching new heights, Integrated Management Resources can deliver a broad range of products and services to get you there.

Climb the ALPS with our proven, successful performance strategies.


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Mission: Our mission is to help organizations improve performance and productivity by providing tools and services that develops individual growth and strong leadership. We focus on the human side of management.

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Are you tired of spending hours on telephone interviews that often results in very little information with which to make a decision as to whether you want to continue the hiring process or not?

Why not use our Video-View Interviewing process to make better use of your time and get superior information regarding the candidates you are considering for hire? It is simple, quick and you can look at the interviews when it is convenient for you!

Watch a sample video interview.

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New certification workshops on the ProfileXT and the CheckPoint 360 Degree Feedback Assessment. Learn about the psychometrics and development of the assessments and learn how to use them more effectively. Read more about:

ProfileXT Certification and Application Workshop

CheckPoint 360 Degree Feedback Certification and Application Workshop


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